Do This to Fail at Local Sex Hookups

I know the title of this blog post has probably thrown you off for a loop. After all, you’re reading this blog post because you want to succeed at local sex hookups when your online on You probably are looking for some sort of checklist to ensure that you get as much hot, tight, nasty, stinky local sex action as possible.


Believe me, I’m with you 100%. I definitely support you, but let’s get one thing clear. It is one thing to tell people what to do, but believe me, most people are going to forget immediately. Why? They’ve come across all sorts of things that they should do when it comes to free hookups.


This is not exactly new. This is not exactly rocket science. We’re not breaking any new ground here. Local sex hookups top the list of priorities for most guys on the internet figuring out all sorts of rules and guess what happens next? That’s right. They access all this information and they proceed to sit on their hands and do jackshit.


Well, let me tell you, all the best tips in the world are not going to somehow magically compile itself and execute itself to materialize in the form of a hot, blonde goddess getting down on her knees, pulling up her top to expose her huge tits and then proceeding to part her lips and suck on your cock with the suction of a brand new vacuum cleaner. Life just doesn’t work that way.


You have to do something with that information. And this is my point about this blog post. If you research all that information and fail to act on it, then you are going to fail at local sex hookups. Simply getting information is just the first step. You have to actually put it into action. You have to overcome your fears and pull the trigger. That’s how it works.


You have to remember that the world only rewards results. It couldn’t care less about your intentions, motivations, or how close you got to succeeding. It takes a shit on all of that. All it cares about and all it gets hard on involves your results.


If you want to get reality’s pussy or dick hard, produce results. Unfortunately, if you just focus on “researching,” you’re going to fail. Do that and settle only for that, and you will fail at local sex hookups and probably in many other areas of your life.

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